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mali losinj

The Island of Losinj (75 square km, 8.500 inhabitans.) is place, that, on the contrary to Cres, was a holiday destination since the beginning of the past century. It's lenght is of 18 miles and it its width is up to 3 miles. There the vegetation is much more luxuriant than in Cres, due to the mild climate, that in Losinj gives the opportunity to cultivate, beyond olives, also vegetables, wine and officinal herbs as well. Losinj is never lashed by the cold winds from the continent as it happens in Cres. Therefore the climate in Losinj is milder, the vegetation is more luxuriant and the island is surroundet by an archipelago of green islands. The sailors made a lot of efforts in order to cultivate exotic plants on this island and to increase the interest for tourism on their home island, so since 1886 they started the establishment of parks with palms, agaves, oleanders, orange trees and many pine woods. Losinj was under the Cres' Government until the 14th Century. Only after an agreement with the Osor Government the Losinj inhabitants obtained their autonomy rights.
The chief town is Mali Losinj (5200 inhabitants) and is an antique healing an fishing place, situated at the end of a deep and shielded bay. There you can enjoy the first hint of subtropical climate. There are plams and glamorous villas everywhere, with fascinating fronts, that remind the brilliance of the past ancient times.

Mali Losinj is one of the biggest seaside resorts on the Adriatic and its deep bay, with a lenght of 3,5 miles, on which it is extendet, is one of the most beautiful bays on the Craoatian coast. The public walk along the shore that leads to the port, in the evening becomes a lively pedestrian precinct. One part of the big world and of its multilingual hum, walks along the terraces of the several restaurants and bars. The publik walk is borderet with palms, at the port there is the moor for excursion Ships with gaily - coloured shields and lamps, sailing boats and ferry-boats. The lateral lanes are more quiet, and some of them end in stone steps that lead to the Fort and to the Church. From the Church Square you can admire the whole town and seaside. Walking along the beach you can reach Veli Losinj .

veli losinj

Veli Losinj (900 inhabitants), is the sister-town of Mali Losinj, with his castle-like buildings, in which the Austrian and Italian nobles used to spend they summer holidays in the years between the two centuries, is more ancient than Mali, and is principally known for its modern Cikat, very popular for its 2581 sunny hours, that means the 57% of the days of the year.
The town is very quiet. Its centre is situated on the Pernascica Bay, along with there ar many bars with many-coloured terraces. The houses are situated alon the calm Rovenska Bay. From here, a costal road leads to many beautiful bays.





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